My journey through Lyme Disease- Healing my body and mind.

Family, friends, and drugs! Hooray!

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bike ride Rocky mud face

Today, I went for a mountain bike ride with four wonderful people and felt nearly normal! It was muddy and wet, but it couldn’t have put a bigger smile on my face. How cool is it that I have such awesome friends and family to help me recover from this crappy illness? Not only that, but I have the best little cattle dog friend to keep me company as well. My heart was full of gratitude with each swooping turn with my little dog running next to me. It feels so good to be back in the woods. The woods that have been my place of refuge for nearly 7 years of my life. They don’t look the same now. They have recently been logged, but I can relate so well to the battered forest. Yes, we were cut down to nearly nothing, but in the warmth of spring, we are slowly but surely getting our life back. We may look and feel a little different than before, but the change will be beautiful in the end.

So, I am celebrating this step in my recovery. The past week has been pretty great. I have had minimal symptoms. My antibiotic was changed from Minocycline to Doxycycline in an effort to continue fighting the Bartonella infection and it is working really well! The only down side is that it causes my face (particularly my nose- note the Rudolph nose in the photo) to sunburn incredibly easy. For this reason, I can only be on Doxycycline for 5 more weeks since sunny summer is around the corner. If you see me riding around town with a scarf on my face, I promise I don’t have tuberculosis or bird flu, and I’m not a thug, I just don’t want to get a sunburn. Don’t be skeered.

My bank loan ran out last week, so I am officially relying on donations to pay for my continued treatment at this point. Keep sharing my blog wherever you can! I cannot say thank you enough to you all for giving me the opportunity to heal. I still have a long road ahead (as we haven’t started the most intense biofilm treatment yet), but I am so hopeful and I know that I will make the best recovery possible. I am surrounded by such incredible people. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet! 🙂 Much love and thanks!

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Hope through new challenges

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Hello everyone! The past week has been absolutely incredible! Thanks to all of you amazing people out there, I have now raised enough money to pay for nearly 5 months of treatment. Still a minimum of an additional 6 months to go, so please keep sharing my blog wherever you can. Also, click “follow” on my blog (you may have to quickly set up a free wordpress account) to get updates on my progress, fundraising activities, and more tips and education on Lyme Disease. Help me become a Late-Stage Lyme success story!

I cannot say thank you enough. Really. It has been such an awesome experience having people from around the world (68 countries, to be exact!) view my blog and contribute when they can. Remember, if you can’t contribute financially, sharing the information with someone else is extremely important. Spread the awareness! I am going to be sharing more personal stories of my daily struggles and/or successes with Late-Stage Lyme in an effort to inform and help others who are in the same boat. It’s not easy to share such personal information, but based on the response that I have gotten thus far, I think it may be helpful for others. You’re about to know a lot more about my life, ready or not. 😉

I have been doing pretty well over the past week. I was able to do some light field work for my job and felt really alert and energetic. I also was able to do a more intense workout at my kettlebell class on Wednesday with no apparent negative effects.  YAY! It feels so good to MOVE.

Friday came around and brought some massive fatigue and some new symptoms along with familiar ones. My feet have been swelling quite a bit and are painful to stand on, especially in the morning. I have gotten red blisters on the end of some of my toes and the joints occassionally turn purple. I have also had pain in my shins and lower legs. These are classic symptoms of my co-infection, Bartonella henslae. Remember, a lot of people with Lyme are infected with not just the Lyme bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, but several other co-infections from the same tick. Bartonella is a common co-infection. I am on doxycycline to hopefully target the Bartonella.

I have also recently developed pretty intense acid reflux and digestive problems. It hurts to swallow (bubble-in-my-throat feeling), I become full really quickly, and if I eat a “normal” amount of food I get really nauseous. I am investigating treatments for these new symptoms and have hope that they will resolve soon.

On a positive note, I was able to go for a mountain bike ride yesterday with my dear friends, Sean and Nikki. The climb was slow and difficult, of course, but I made it all the way to the top with a smile still on my face. The descent was really fun! My focus was good until about halfway down when the brainfog started to creep in a little. My muscles work pretty well until they reach a certain point and then they just seem to shut off entirely. So, on the last little climb up the hill, Sean rigged a tow line for me using their dogs leash and helped me up. Yay for friends! I was exhausted, but it was really fun to play on dirt and BONUS: the sun was shining! Woot!

Hugs, Lyndsey



Please help Lyme-out Lyndsey!

My name is Lyndsey Needham.  I am a 30-ish year old female living with Late-Stage Lyme Disease.  Lyme Disease is an infection with the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi.  I was infected with Lyme Disease through a tick bite in Italy.  Before contracting Lyme Disease, I was a highly active person spending my time in the mountains biking, hiking, and snowboarding.  I began racing downhill mountain bikes and instantly fell in love with the sport. I also enjoyed working hard in my favorite local CrossFit gym. After becoming sick with Lyme Disease, I slowly lost my ability to participate in all of my favorite activities. My health slipped away as well as my mental clarity. I went from being able to do 30 mile mountain bike rides to not being able to walk around the block.

I went through 2 years of not knowing what was wrong with me and watching the life that I loved slip further and further away everyday. After MANY doctors, specialists, and tests that were unsuccessful in helping me with a solid diagnosis, I finally tested positive for Lyme Disease and the co-infection Bartonella henslae. Having a diagnosis was a blessing! My road to recovery has been a long one, but I am getting stronger everyday and that much closer to doing the things I love!

However, treatment for Late-State Lyme Disease comes with a very hefty price tag. I have aquired massive debt through this experience and have now reached my credit limit and no longer have funds available to pay for my treatment. The recovery that I have seen with treatment has been amazing, so I am asking for your financial help to make it possible for me to continue paying for treatment and getting my life back. My promise to you is that when I recover, I will certainly pay your good deeds forward by making it my mission to help others in need of financial assistance for treatment of chronic illness through fundraising and awareness efforts. I know that times are not easy financially for many of us right now, so any help is greatly appreciated and if you’re not able to help out financially, link to this website, a smile, hello, or any attempt at a handmade card or drawing will do! 🙂

Thank you for being part of my community and helping me overcome this illness! I cannot thank you enough!!

How to Donate:

Please click on the DONATE link on the sidebar to donate via paypal or snail mail. Subscribe to this blog to recieve updates about my progress and fundraising goals.  THANK YOU!!