My journey through Lyme Disease- Healing my body and mind.

My Treatment

pillsShot in the leg


walk in the woods

My treatment consists of the following:

  • Monthy visits to an awesome doctor in Seattle, who trained in the northeast of the US learning the art of treating Lyme patients before starting her own practice in Washington. She has successfully treated thousands of patients from all parts of the country.
  • A super concentrated Methylcobalamin (B-12) intramuscular injection first thing in the morning to get me functioning.
  • An intense medication regimen of about 80 pills a day, including thyroid medication, multiple antibiotics, anti-parisitics, anti-fungals, probiotics, therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and herbs.
  • SLEEP! A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is very important.
  • A clean diet.
  • Epsom Salt baths.
  • Relaxed time outside.
  • Weekly visits to a stress therapist to help heal my nervous system.
  • Regular visits to my rolfer/massage therapist to help better regulate my nervous system and help manage muscle/joint pain, weakness, and swelling.
  • Most importantly: a wiggly PUPPY!!!!!

13 responses to “My Treatment

  1. Arielle says:

    Take a pic of all the pills you have to take. Yucky.

  2. I’ve been thinking about you since I read through this website a few weeks ago… My Uncle fully recovered from Lyme a few years ago, and it was definitely a journey for the whole family. They started him out on an intense antibiotic drip that he did for a year, and that had no effect. He eventually recovered by utilizing the same treatments that you’ve been doing, along with adoption of Buddhist beliefs. He and his wife have founded the Lyme Foundation of Northern FL, and they dedicate most of their free time to it. Thanks for this beautifully written website, and for sharing your challenges. I’m glad you’re on the healing side of this.


    • lilneeds says:

      Thank you SO much for reaching out and sharing your uncle’s story. The Internet is full of defeats from this disease and needs way more success stories! I am so happy to hear that your uncle recovered and am not at all surprised by a change in mindset and spirituality being a main driver in his healing. I hope he continues to stay well. I look forward to reaching out and helping others when my own journey has slowed down. Much love to you and your family!

  3. Joe Hartmann says:

    Lyndsey! I dont know you. I just stumbled upon your page and have yet to read all of it. Your ‘treatment’ pictures look all too familiar…I too am CDC positive for lyme and had positive blood tests ro rickitisia and bart. I would love to talk to you. I am on the other side of the rock (NYC)…long story short…i contracted lyme and had few symptoms like fatigue and arthritis. that came durring every season change for three years. When that happened i just ate raw garlic and some oregeno oil for a few weeks, arthritis subsided and i would say ” this is lyme?!?…whats the big deal?!?” then on the fourth year that i knew i had it (not sure when it was contracted) i could tell something wasnt right for months before…did not connect it to lyme but just stress and malnutrition maybe? with a side-order of lack of sleep? But i was surfing one day…maybe one year ago today and i knew something wasnt right… thats when i came home and collapsed..i had mild schizophrenia, everything seemed so bright i couldnt keep my eyes open too long, I was seeing shit thinkin there were ghosts! crazy anxiety, crazy emotions…i couldnt read 5 words consecutively…infectiouse disease specialists proved to be useless, LLMD helped with all the ABX which gave me the ability to read again..the major psychosis and sensory over load sudsided a bit while on my 3 months of hard core ABX (plus many many of the same suppies you have)….But! Today! i am good! I realized that for the three years prior (or longer) that was the spirochetes occupying new territory from within…i think the abx just made it all go into cyst. Now i am still on many supplements but i do DIV Ozone, and have a rife machine…and am very confident that i am peeling away the layers of this infection and helping to kill it once and for all…i have met a few others that are lyme free now as well, despite of what i always used to hear and read. I wish you the best! If you ever would like to politic please feel free to email me… much much love to you and the journey. (apologies for my flawless spelling and grammar!)

    • lilneeds says:

      Thanks for the insight, Joe! I am happy to hear that you are Lyme free. I know I will recover as well with time. I will get in touch with you if I decide to explore using a rife machine in the future. Take care!

    • RangerRick says:

      Hi Joe,
      Rick here.
      I had Lyme 30 years ago and a chiropractor found it before the doctors. I went 3 years. He fixed it. Now I am diagnosed with Lyme again ,late stage. The leading expert in Cd’A, Idaho, has never seen me and said he can do nothing for me BY PHONE. I needed to go to Seattle WA. This doctor did not give me any ideas who to go see.
      Pissed me off. I hope all of US can find common ground and help each other thru it. Rick

      • Joe hartmann says:

        Hey Rick! Forget the conventional doctors. Do some research on ozone therapy (div) and detoxification. It changed my life! All the best brother!

      • RangerRick says:

        I am looking at a hyper barrack treatment to go with the rest of the items I have researched. Thank you for your help. I will check out Ozone also.

  4. what is your llmd name? you can message me. Thanks

  5. David says:

    It appears that you may be poisoning yourself. Sometimes nearly being poisoned is required. You may contact me by email to find what medicines extinguished my Borrelia burgdorferi infection.

  6. Rose Kluh says:

    I am so glad I found your site! I was diagnosed with Lyme 2 months ago but it’s been almost a 6 year journey getting diagnosed. I read that your doctor is in Seattle. I live in Olympia! Could you please email me the name of your doctor when you get the chance. Thank you. This site is incredibly informative.

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