My journey through Lyme Disease- Healing my body and mind.

For those wondering about Dr. Smith and Lymestop

on August 22, 2014

Hi folks! There are a lot of you out there asking questions about Dr. Smith and his Lymestop treatment. I just received the message below from a fellow Lyme patient and thought you would be interested in joining this group for more information.

“I started a Facebook group for LymeStop support and information with Dr. Smith’s blessing. I’m hoping those of you who are considering it, or who have already done it, will join. Just look for “LymeStop Support and Information” on Facebook and ask to join. We are a group of patients of Dr. Smith, and potential patients. We’re also discussing other magnetic therapies. Dr. Smith has and his office staff are NOT members of the group, so everyone can speak freely. Please check us out and join. I was hoping Lyndsey would join too, as we could use more people who’ve done the treatment a while ago, not just those of us who were treated recently. I was there with my daughter at the end of July and there are several others who were treated in the last few months. Please join us.”

The link for the group is here:


12 responses to “For those wondering about Dr. Smith and Lymestop

  1. jeanvieve7 says:

    I am a patient who recently received my first treatment. I am excited to join

  2. alexa says:

    How are you feeling now post Dr Smith’s treatment?

    • lilneeds says:

      I am feeling pretty good, but still have some symptoms. Probably functioning at 60% of “normal”. I am able to work 35 hours a week and can be relatively active, depending on the week. I am still taking antibiotics, so I can’t really say what has worked for me. I still have herxheimer reactions when I switch antibiotics, so it’s likely that I still have infection remaining. I go to see Dr. Smith again next month. I’m hoping that will help take care of things for good, because I will be out of funding for antibiotic therapy in May. Fingers crossed!

      • alexa says:

        Thanks for the update. As you say, it is difficult to know given that you are still taking ABX. Will look forward to hearing about your next appt and good luck!

      • lilneeds says:

        Yep. It’s true. Visit the facebook Lymestop page (linked above) to talk to lots of other people who did Lymestop only and did not do abx. Good luck!

      • eileen pearson says:

        Hi Lilneeds, just read your post and wondering how you’re doing now? Have you managed to stop antibiotics?

      • lilneeds says:

        Hi Eileen-
        Yes! I have stopped antibiotics. I have been off of antibiotics for about 6 months and am doing just fine! I am back to living a normal life. I still have to be careful with the food I eat, sleep, and exercise; but that could be the case for most people (Lyme or not). 🙂

  3. Shannon says:

    Hello! I recently saw Dr. Smith, actually just to have an allergy check! My health started going very slowly downhill two years ago and I have now been through tons of tests, all GI scopes, and most recently a laparoscopy. Everything comes back normal, and there are no signs of endometriosis. All of a sudden I am showing an allergy to dairy, when I have never had an issue before. Prior to this, I was always very active and would be involved in a million things at once, with limitless energy! Regular, non painful cycles etc. Dr. Smith took one look at me and said he believes I have Lyme disease (in my uterus even – which I didn’t tell him about my history), and then changed my appointment to a Lyme screen. He found Lyme and 3 co-infections. I was blown away!! I started to cry on the way home (I live in Spokane Valley) with relief. However, my husband is extremely skeptical and doesn’t believe I have Lyme – we can’t remember being bitten or a rash or anything. Dr. Smith believes I have had it since 2009, and we went turkey hunting in April and backpacking for a week in Glacier National park in July that year. The reason for all of this info — I am looking for more info from others that have had experience with Dr. Smith. My husband is concerned about the $3k for the treatment plan, and he believes it might be more of a marketing scam. I am worried that both of my kids (2 and 4) might have it since I would have been infected during both pregnancies. Dr. Smith will check both of them for free, but if he says one or both have it, my husband would not currently be supportive of treatment. Any help or additional information anyone can send my way would be greatly appreciated!

    • lilneeds says:

      Hi Shannon! I completely understand your husband’s skepticism about Dr. Smith as well as skepticism about your Lyme diagnosis. You should know that I DO have memory of a tick bite and rash and also tested positive via blood test and my symptoms started exactly like yours. Previously pain-free cycles turned to agony that lead to an endometriosis diagnosis, but I didn’t have a laproscopy to confirm endometriosis. At the same time, I also started having new food allergies including dairy and wheat and developed frequent bladder pain. So, while it’s understandable to have skepticism around a Lyme diagnosis, considering what a controversial topic it is, your story is a familiar one. I started antibiotic therapy with a doctor in Seattle and over the course of a year, my “endometriosis” and bladder pain started to fade. I have never heard of endometriosis just disappearing, so it’s likely that inflammation from infections was the culprit. After about one year of antibiotic therapy, I went and saw Dr. Smith. I told him NOTHING about where the majority of my pain had been (uterus and bladder) and he found it right away. There is no way I can explain that other than what he does is legit. Of course, I remain skeptical about all of this for myself, also, but the facts about my story are what they are. Bottom line is this- $3,000 for complete treatment is nothing! I paid $1,900 every single month for antibiotic therapy (for 2.5 years). Just like everything, folks respond differently to Dr. Smith’s treatment, but overall, the number of people he has helped seems to be pretty large. If you want to connect with more people who have been and are being currently treated with Dr. Smith, check out the Facebook page linked above. It was started by a patient of Dr. Smith’s and is in no way affiliated with his office (for real). I hope you find relief somehow!

      By the way, I am back to regular exercise and working full time. I still have some straggling minor symptoms, but I was bed-ridden often before treatment.

  4. Cheryl says:

    You might try colostrum. It helps a broad spectrum of physical disorders and problems.


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