My journey through Lyme Disease- Healing my body and mind.

LYME RECOVERY UPDATE and a note to those still suffering



Hi friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog and it’s because I’ve been out having FUN and LIVING life! Yay! I am now 2.5 years into treatment for Late-Stage Lyme Disease and am recovering really well. My exercise tolerance and energy level has increased dramatically over the past 3 months. Just as an example, this morning I went to my kettlebell sport class, then went to brunch with some friends, then had enough energy to come home and clean the house (including scrubbing the bathtub). Just 1 year ago, that would have been impossible. I am so grateful to have had such incredible improvement recently. I am still in treatment with my doctor in Seattle. Still on antibiotics and lots of supplements. Also, I had another Lymestop treatment with Dr. Smith at the end of April. I have had a lot of questions about what I think is definitively responsible for my recovery and my honest answer is: I don’t know. I wish I could tell you 100% what has worked so well for me, but since I am doing so many things at the same time, it’s impossible to know. My current treatment regiment includes: antibiotic and enzyme therapy, Lymestop treatment, drinking Asea, exercise, eating a healthy diet, regular infrared sauna treatments, Rolfing, chiropractic care, and regular somatic psychotherapy appointments. I will do another blog post soon about my thoughts on the effectiveness of each of those treatment modalities. I think the combination of many things has been necessary for my recovery. I wish I could give answers to you all about what may be effective for you, but the truth is, you have to listen to your body and find out for yourself.

Lately, I will have days where Lyme Disease doesn’t even cross my mind. I mean, I’m still a slave to pills 11 times a day, but I don’t actually think about how sick I am, because I’m not! It’s truly incredible. The other day, I took my dog to walk a loop that I used to have to break up into segments and sit and rest between slow painful walking intervals; and not only did I have enough energy to walk the entire thing, I started to RUN! I got a couple of minutes into my run and I felt fear start to creep in. Fear that I was going to start hurting soon and that my energy was going to drain and I would have to sleep for the rest of the day. But, as I kept running, I realized that the pain was not coming back and that with each step, I felt MORE energetic. At that moment, I started sobbing in the middle of the woods. (Sobbing and jogging = awesome combo! Ha!) It was like some incredible cloud had lifted. Like I had been released from jail. My joints moved freely and my heart beat to a regular rhythm instead of painful palpitations. I cried out of joy and disbelief. I cried because it has been a long difficult journey to this point.

I also cried because I thought of all of those out there still suffering. Living in pain with no sign of relief. I cried for them knowing that they have a long journey ahead. Knowing that some of them may never get relief. I cried because I wish I could change the effects of this terrible infection, but I can’t. I know you are out there and I know you feel alone. I know you think there is no hope, but I am here to say that there IS! I started running faster and starting running not just for myself, but for all of you out there who are still looking for answers. All of you who would do anything to be able to simply walk around the block. My thoughts go out to you and I hope and pray that you find answers. That you find what works for you. That we will no longer be ignored by the medical mainstream. That the scientific community will put more effort into Lyme Disease research. I am here to say that recovery is possible. You have to do everything in ¬†your power to get better, but it can happen.

Do I know that ALL people can recover as well as I have from Late-Stage Lyme Disease? No. I don’t. Every body is different and every body responds differently to different therapies. All I can do is hope that you find something that works for you and be grateful that I have found what works for me. And trust me, I am fully aware of how lucky I am to be recovering so well from this ugly illness. I wish it were the same for everyone. I know it may not be, but I also know that there are more people out there than you think that are beating this thing! The internet is full of horror stories, because when people start to get well, they are out living their lives instead of posting on the internet. I know that is true for me. So hang in there.

I do still have hard days when I change medications, so I am still actively fighting; but I feel that I am well on my way to remission. Lyme Disease will be something that I manage forever, but I am living a fantastic life. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am today. I look forward to spending more time doing the active things I love.

I am afraid to announce that I am a Lyme “Success Story”, but I think I just might be. To all of you still suffering: have HOPE!