My journey through Lyme Disease- Healing my body and mind.

You have all saved my life!

on June 19, 2014

Hi folks!
I just wanted say thank you for contributing to the success of my fundraiser! If you ordered one, you will receive a card from me over the next two months. If you ordered a ukulele song, I will attempt to “the band” together before the end of the summer. I will post videos here. I can’t wait! I am overwhelmed by how amazing my community has been and continues to be. I am forever grateful and in awe of what is possible when us humans come together. I would not be able to be the Late-Stage Lyme success story that I consider myself to be without your help. You truly are amazing and have played a direct role in changing my life for the better! With the money raised during the fundraiser, I will be able to make it through the next year of treatment. My fingers are crossed that after that, I will be finished! You should know that my health has been better than ever lately. I have been able to start riding my mountain bike again a couple of times a month and am training for a kettlebell sport lifting competition in September. I am back at work and feeling alive. I am not 100% symptom free and I still have some struggles, but I am leading a really good life for somebody with Late-Stage Lyme Disease (heck, I am leading a good life for any human). I look forward to updating this blog as my journey continues. My thoughts go out to those still searching for answers and suffering. This illness is really serious and continues to grow every year. Please protect yourself and your loved ones to the best of your ability. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for having faith in me. Your support has been tremendous.

So much love to all of you,

2 responses to “You have all saved my life!

  1. Laurel says:

    Stoked for you! You’re an inspiration, keep it up.


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