My journey through Lyme Disease- Healing my body and mind.

LymeOUTLyndsey Event TONIGHT!!

My awesome friends got together and planned a benefit for me tonight to help me with my treatment costs! I couldn’t ask for a more awesome group of friends.  Here are the details for the event:

Special Notes: Cash-only event (ATM located inside of the venue if you forget), !!!!!!KID FRIENDLY UNTIL 9 PM!!!!

Date: April 24. 2013 TONIGHT!

Where: The Green Frog on State Street in Bellingham, WA;

When: Doors open at 7pm. Suggested entry donation of $20. The entry donation is just suggested, so if you want to come, but don’t have $20, come anyways! The more the merrier!

Raffle and Silent Auction: There will be an INCREDIBLE raffle and silent auction. Raffle tickets are $2.00 a piece. Raffle prizes include: bicycles (yes, plural), gift certificates to local restaurants, gift certificates to local clothing/jewlery stores, a GoPro camera, a YEAR unlimited membership to JoGo CrossFit Bellingham, mountain bike classes, cooking classes, fresh seafood, handmade hats, and TONS more prizes. It really is a raffle not to be missed!

You must be present to win raffle prizes. There will be TWO drawing times for the raffle: one at 8:30 pm and one at 9:30 pm.

The silent auction opens at 7pm and closes at 11pm. You do not have to be present to win silent auction items. They will be mailed to you.

Music: Br’er Rabbit ( will be providing us with awesome fun music, so come get your dance on!

Drinks: The Green Frog is a cash-only bar, so please bring your green!

Spread the word and I can’t wait to see you there!!!!

Much love!

If you can’t attend the event tonight, but would like to donate, please click the donate tab on the menu to the right for a paypal link or email me ( for snail mail. Thank you so much!

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What is a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction?


Ever heard of a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction? Probably not. Many Late-Stage Lyme patients are very familiar with this term. The theory is an increase in symptoms or onset of new symptoms due to accumulation of toxins (inflammatory chemicals in the body) from the decay of Lyme bacteria during antibiotic use. Dr. Jemsek, a Lyme doctor on the east coast, has a more complete explanation here. After not having one for a while, this morning I had a lovely Herxheimer Reaction. For me, it usually goes like this: I take antibiotics in the morning. About 1 to 2 hours after taking antibiotics, I get an intense wave of symptoms including severe nausea, muscle weakness, slow movement, trembling head, pain and pressure in my spine, brain fog, and overwhelming feeling of needing to lay down and curl up into a ball. Pretty much just feels like a system shut-down. Typically, before or during times when I am having Herxheimer reactions, I get skin lesions along my spine that are really sore and generally leave scars. The theory behind the spine lesions is similar to syphilis, the body is trying to push out toxins through the largest organ it has- the skin. Why they are concentrated along my spine, I have no idea. I am going to take them to be a good thing and instead of being sad about scars, think of them as battle wounds that I received in a battle where I seriously kicked butt!

Thankfully, this type of experience generally doesn’t last long. Typically, I will begin feeling better within a couple of hours and will be right back to my normal self (which these days is feeling pretty darn good). This is, of course, never a fun experience. BUT, the reason that I want to share this with you, besides awareness, is to say that I have found some simple ways to deal with it until it passes. As soon as I start to feel the tell-tale signs, I start a warm epsom salt bath (with lots of epsom salt), drink tons of water with lemon, and do some dry skin brushing before taking my bath. Sometimes I add rose petals to the bath as well (pictured above) for added softness. Okay, I don’t really add rose petals. But, I do soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes while listening to some calm music. Doesn’t that sound nice? It does the trick almost every time! If you don’t ever need to use that protocol for Lyme, you could probably even use it to help get rid of gnarly hangovers. 😉 Not that you would ever need that…..

As always, thanks for the generous donations. Thanks for helping me fight this thing! Much love, Lyndsey


Family, friends, and drugs! Hooray!

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bike ride Rocky mud face

Today, I went for a mountain bike ride with four wonderful people and felt nearly normal! It was muddy and wet, but it couldn’t have put a bigger smile on my face. How cool is it that I have such awesome friends and family to help me recover from this crappy illness? Not only that, but I have the best little cattle dog friend to keep me company as well. My heart was full of gratitude with each swooping turn with my little dog running next to me. It feels so good to be back in the woods. The woods that have been my place of refuge for nearly 7 years of my life. They don’t look the same now. They have recently been logged, but I can relate so well to the battered forest. Yes, we were cut down to nearly nothing, but in the warmth of spring, we are slowly but surely getting our life back. We may look and feel a little different than before, but the change will be beautiful in the end.

So, I am celebrating this step in my recovery. The past week has been pretty great. I have had minimal symptoms. My antibiotic was changed from Minocycline to Doxycycline in an effort to continue fighting the Bartonella infection and it is working really well! The only down side is that it causes my face (particularly my nose- note the Rudolph nose in the photo) to sunburn incredibly easy. For this reason, I can only be on Doxycycline for 5 more weeks since sunny summer is around the corner. If you see me riding around town with a scarf on my face, I promise I don’t have tuberculosis or bird flu, and I’m not a thug, I just don’t want to get a sunburn. Don’t be skeered.

My bank loan ran out last week, so I am officially relying on donations to pay for my continued treatment at this point. Keep sharing my blog wherever you can! I cannot say thank you enough to you all for giving me the opportunity to heal. I still have a long road ahead (as we haven’t started the most intense biofilm treatment yet), but I am so hopeful and I know that I will make the best recovery possible. I am surrounded by such incredible people. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet! 🙂 Much love and thanks!

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